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May 31, 2012

fun is playing tonight at mesa art center!

we can’t wait!

smeeks treats

May 31, 2012

smeeks treats just got personal.

smeeks now has their very own chocolate bar,

and its scrumptiously delicious!

they make the perfect chocolate treat or addition to a smeeks gift card!

style guide: summer layers

May 30, 2012

we loved layering this past winter,

so this is how we’re layering for summer.

try wearing a shirt over one of your favorite summer dresses,

and adding a long necklace.

photo credits: free people

if you missed the awesome ways free people

wears this slip, see more here.

what’s in your purse: travel edition

May 29, 2012

here’s what we’re traveling with inside our will carry-all.

a good light-weight scarf, some smeeks snacks, a durable orla kiely wallet,

a re-usable water bottle, toms sunglasses, some chymia lotion and oils,

a nail kit, a feed bag  filled with all of the touch-up essentials,

lippy gloss, pantone tooth brush, a notebook to never miss a thought,

and a good book (we’re reading the moment)!

all available at frances

did you see last month what i’m carrying in my purse?

see more here.

monday music

May 28, 2012

we’re excited that donovan frankenreiter

will be playing at stinkweeds and crescent ballroom this week!

happy week everyone!

summer whites

May 28, 2012

it’s memorial day,

which means no matter what your wardrobe philosophy says,

whites are back for summer!

all items found at frances!

pie birds

May 26, 2012

frances studio shoppers have been asking us

what is a pie bird?

a pie bird, or pie vent, is a hollow ceramic funnel

placed in the center of a pie to allow steam to come through,

preventing pie filling from boiling over and leaking through the crust.

women have been using this baking trick since victorian times in europe.

check out frances studio’s pie birds and new united states of pie cookbook!

sing a song of sixpence

sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of rye.

four and twenty blackbirds, baked in a pie.

when the pie was opened the birds began to sing

wasn’t that a dainty dish, to set before the king?

style guide: frances shoppers

May 24, 2012

we love our customers and get so much inspiration from their style!

frequent frances shopper, mandy abed,

was spotted sporting this stunning frances’ sheer top

and druzy stone ring when she came in to shop the summer store.

we loved how she paired it all with a bright bag,

colorful sandals, and lace shorts.

our favorite piece she donned was a vintage pocketwatch

from her great grandfather!

come into the shop showing us your awesome frances style

and we’ll snap you up to profile next month.

happy shopping (:

druzy stone jewelry

May 23, 2012

druzy (also spelled drusy) stones are tiny quartz crystals that form naturally on gemstones.

 they form when ground water fills into a porous area of the stone, rapid cooling occurs and causes the formation of small crystals.

 druzy stones have a striking, sparkly appearance and usually take the color of their host stone.

druzy quartz have been said to aid in balancing and increasing energy.

check out all of frances‘ amazing druzy jewelry

by artist dara ettinger.

dara ettinger was a new york based designer before she headed west for los angeles, where she is inspired by her surroundings and the beauty of nature. she applies a simplistic aesthetic to allow for the stones to shine through on their own.

photo booth fun

May 22, 2012

 check out our new photo booth props now at smeeks!

monday music

May 21, 2012

jake shimabukuro is truly a talented musician.

we love the ukulele!

happy week to everyone!

recipe guide: jam it

May 20, 2012

after last sunday at the peach farm, we’re overloaded with peaches.

so this sunday we’re jamming.

photo credits to ruthie, check out her shop

we bought these cath kidston jam jar kits

(we wouldn’t want to hand out our jam in just any plain jar)

and we’re using their recipe to stir up some delicious homemade peach jam!

other recipes included in the kit:

Strawberry freezer jam
Raspberry-fig jam with port
Quick blackberry jam
Apricot or plum jam
Moroccan preserved lemons
Apple butter

find the jam jar kits at frances studio!

wish us luck on our jamming.

blog love: sebean

May 19, 2012
 we were excited when someone shared with us sebean.
local toms loving and aspiring dancer, annabelle,
blogs the do’s and don’ts of fashion.
 she shares her sassy and sweet style,
and the details behind sebean.

thanks for sharing annabelle!!

check out the blogs she loves:

girl in a party hat
chow bella
jackalope ranch


don’t forget your teachers

May 19, 2012

party in mad men style

May 17, 2012

who doesn’t love a themed party and what better theme than a

mad men cocktail party.

we’ll be dressing in true 1960s chic style

and bringing all the perfect goodies to complete the party,

which can all be found at smeeks and frances.

we love how pizzazzerie put it together!

try some of these 1960s classic cocktails!

(drinks credit to the forgetful wife)


instagram ♥ : francesvintage


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