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spoon rings

June 30, 2012

these are definitely a staff favorite!

handmade by a local gal, frances spoon rings are back!

what we’re doing weekender

June 29, 2012

10,000 women

June 28, 2012

it was so special having a new group of inspiring women

come visit frances from the 10,000 women project.

this group of talented business owners

represented countries from all over central and south america.

check out all the awesome products we have in frances from them.

we’d like to thank the women for sharing

their unique handmade products with us.


if you missed us on sonoran living talking about their project,

view it here.

fashion hits the streets

June 27, 2012

we’ve been loving the food truck trend these days.

you can frequently find us eating up short leash hot dogs,

sipping on shine, and savoring torched goodness.

the latest is all about fashion trucks hitting the streets and carrying the trends.

we’ve been a huge fan of local gal and one of this year’s big brain winners,

ashley eaton of merry may shoppe,

ashley brought her adorable retro camper to our crafeteria and

she’s been running her mobile vintage shop all around phoenix!

make sure you check out merry may because she has awesome style and taste,

and she’s keeping the valley vintage-ly trendy.


photo credits to the awesome blog jackalope ranch and photographer jamie peachey.


June 26, 2012

summer shop sale!

June 25, 2012

gift guide: baby

June 25, 2012

here’s a frances gift guide for your next baby shower.

hand-woven wool animals from kenya, vintage-inspired nesting blocks,

unique onesies, sock it to me baby socks, tickle monster book set,

little giraffe blanket, local&natural hopscotch nail polish,

sock monkey, tiny toms.

goodytwos toffee

June 24, 2012

if you have ever had any of smeek’s goodytwos toffee company treats,

then you know it’s no ordinary toffee.

the local mother-daughter duo are all about handcrafting from scratch

the most amazing recipe combinations.

meet mother, donna, and daughter, stacey.

they are the amazing minds and hands behind goodytwos.

they each bring their own side to the cooking.

one part crunchy-cozy, one part “oh no you didn’t” is how

they’d describe what’s going on in their kitchen.

our frances&smeeks goodytwos favorite is twozels.











we made a trip out to scottsdale to visit them at their sweet little shop

 here are some photos.

next time you are in smeeks pick up a bag or two!!

if you missed these photos on instagram, stay up-to-date on

what we’re doing behind the scenes and around the valley.



one ticket please

June 23, 2012

i love to go to the movies by myself,

i also like to try new restaraunts by myself and sit quietly

to reflect or think things through…

i just recently rekindled this love of doing things by myself.

the other day, i went to camelview by myself and saw the movie hysteria with maggie gyllenhaal.

it is about the invention of the vibrator and it is hysterical!!

by the mid to late 19th century, hysteria (or female hysteria)

 came to refer to what today is generally considered to be sexual frustration.

typical treatment was massage of the patient’s genitalia by the physician and, later, by vibrators.

grab a friend or just play hooky for a few hours, it does a world of good!!


if you want to go check out this film,

it is now playing at harkins shea 14

in search of the perfect mascara

June 22, 2012

(image from lula magazine)

hi frances friends!!

here at frances HQ, we were all recently chatting and agreeing

we are all on the quest for the perfect mascara,

it is tricky in Arizona!!

what a perfect contest, we will ask our readers!!

please help us find the absolutely best mascara

and in return win a $50.00 gift certificate to frances!!

post the name of the mascara you use and what you like about it

on facebook or our blog and be entered to win.

we will keep you updated as we use the mascara,

laugh, cry and sweat with the mascara

and let you know the winner within a month!!

 Thanks for helping with our quest!!!

huckleberry faye

June 21, 2012

one of our favorite local couples, katy and anthony of huckleberry faye,

shared with us what has  inspired them to become so cute and crafty.

while she sews adorable dolls, he helps run their local business and inspires her to keep stitching.

she shared with us a little bit about them for our blog.


“i started making plush creatures about six years ago and since then they’ve evolved into the dolls I make today. they’ve taken many forms and continue to get little changes here and there each time i stitch up a new batch. i love the process i’ve fallen into of slowly improving my sewing skills and realizing just how i want the dolls to look.

while my husband doesn’t do any of the handiwork, he is a major part of this handmade business i’m working to create. he is the biggest supporter and lately he’s sort of become my marketing manager. he really helps me with the inner workings of the business and takes care of the back-end of things. i’m so thankful for the team he has made of us. and a lot of ideas you see in the dolls are straight from his mind! he’s not afraid to tell me i can do better and push me when i get creatively stuck.


i grew up watching my mom craft and i think that’s where my love for handmade began. now that i’m a mom to two little girls, i’m finding that a big part of building a rich environment for them to grow in is surrounding them with family artifacts and heirlooms. i love the little things that hold sentiment for me and being able to share those things with them. lately i’ve been stumbling across toys that were crafted in my grandparents’ hands. a soft worn-in quilt that we called a “billy blanket” growing up or stuffed snake plush that my grandmother sewed, a little wood crafted truck that my grandpa made. my mom and i are currently working on refinishing a dollhouse that my grandpa built. it was my favorite when i was little and i can’t wait until it’s all fixed up and ready for my girls to play with. these little handmade toys are treasures to me,  i loved them when i was growing up and now that i get to pass them on to my children, they’ve become even sweeter. i want to create things like my grandparents and mother have. that’s what i keep in mind when i’m making these dolls – i hope my plush can become treasures for today’s little girls and boys.”

thanks for sharing with us and our readers!

check out the new summer huckleberry faye dolls and other items at frances!

 katy keeps a great blog over the moon,

follow it to see more about her awesome style and adorable family!

check out their booth at our december crafeteria and coming soon a sneak peak at katy’s new

personalized doll collection.


June 20, 2012

help frances with your vote!

June 19, 2012

we’re on a mission – please help frances with your vote!

thank you so much for being a part of frances and supporting our little shop in phoenix.

we’d like to ask for your help in voting for frances as we compete for the mission small business loan grant

 in the amount of $250,000 to help expand our business, host more great events and keep building our community!

to vote, please click on this link:
it’s easy as 1 -2 -3!

1. Just log in with your Facebook info on the lower right hand side of the page.

(If you don’t have a Facebook account, it will prompt you to register to vote)

2. Search for frances, and

3. vote for us – thank you!!

we need 250 votes to qualify, so please help by asking your family and friends to vote.

our progress will be posted on our frances facebook page and blog – we so appreciate your support!

many thanks,
georganne and everyone at frances

“frances is a retail and online store with a special mission; to help people make connections.

frances is consistently on trend and brings a fresh appeal beyond the typical retail experience,

connecting people with the joy of discovery and giving.

 the shop offers a variety of handmade gifts, jewelry, apparel, shoes, handbags

and other delights from local independents artist, “give-back” companies and goods from around the world.

a catalyst for collaboration with fellow businesses, neighbors and friends,

frances is a modern boutique with vintage charm.”

travel guide: road trip

June 19, 2012

here are some handy ideas to keep your kids entertained, and engaged during your family road trip.

bring plenty of activities they can do independently. etch-a-sketch, thumb wrestling,

and all our klutz activity books (now 50% off) make great games for a road trip.

try mad libs for some family laughs and these auto bingo cards are tons of fun,

play games like bubble blowing contests and trivia!

make sure to have a box of taffy for a little sweet prize for the winners.

rumble and spur

June 18, 2012

frances now has the amazing handmade jewelry line, rumble and spur, by local artist danielle hacche.

danielle's pieces are made with vintage and modern beads, offering a mixture of funky, unique and charming design.

these necklaces are the perfect pop to any simple summer tank or sun dress!

danielle is also a painter, you can find her work on etsy.

instagram ♥ : francesvintage


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