farewell to smeeks

December 11, 2013

smeeks closing1

ladies night out

December 9, 2013


gift guide: red

December 8, 2013

frances red

style guide: staying warm

December 7, 2013


all season there are so many ways to style a simple outfit.  ever have a style question or need some tips on how to wear a trend?  ask the frances gals for help!

crafeteria 2013 tonight!

December 6, 2013

we are so thrilled to have so many talented artists join us tonight

for crafeteria 2013 tonight from 6-10pm!


 enjoy local shopping from 50 vendors,  delicious treats from short leash hot dogs, a gift-wrap station from emma magazine, and live music from greenwood sidee

crafeteria: scout handmade

December 6, 2013


we are huge fans of marisa bigler’s scout handbags and accessories.  a crafeteria returnee, we stocked up on her pouches for holiday gifts last year.  don’t miss these well designed and quality handmade items!

“I’ve always had an interest in fashion, but after taking some courses in fashion design/ merchandising, I realized that trends weren’t really what I was interested in. I suppose I gravitated more toward the “product design” side.  After a lengthy hiatus to go to school for graphic design, I decided I missed textiles too much to leave them behind. I had chosen Scout as my senior project in 2011, and worked hard to brand it exactly how I envisioned it. Now that I have a full time design job, I have the necessary design background, as well as enough funds to keep Scout as a weekend hobby.”


want to win a giveaway from marisa’s line?  share with us what your crafty hobby is below and be entered to win!

see more crafeteria giveaways here.

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