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style guide: keeping cool

July 2, 2012

our frances manager has some serious summer style.

julie mardian paused for us to snap what she’s wearing.

the weather is warm so light fabrics are a must,

but indoors the air conditioning is blasting so this long skirt is perfect!

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artist bio & giveaway – mermade designs

December 1, 2011

today’s featured crafeteria artist:

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mermade designs

what inspired you to start your business?

My mother used to make jewelry in the Seventies and I always loved to help her make pieces, then she stopped making jewelry and packed her stuff away. I came across her tins filled with goodies when I was a teenager and started messing around. By the time I was 21, I had made quite a few pieces and my friend in Chicago urged me to bring it all out with me when I went to visit her. I sold every single thing at the Chicago Blues Fest!

Tell us a bit about your work and some of your favorite materials you use in your creations:

I am inspired by my materials, and tend to use natural stones, gold, brass and sterling with leather mixed in. I love hammering metals and creating new looks.

What is your favorite spot in Phoenix? AZ?

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I have lived downtown for almost 20 years now, so I have a soft spot for my neighborhood, Coronado. Green restaurant, Barrio cafe, The Bees Knees, Americas Taco Shop all close by!

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