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May 3, 2012

what is ikat?

ikat (ee-khat) is a super intricate style of weaving

in which the yarn is dyed in zig-zag and geometric patterns.

the weaver covers the yarn in wax before dipping it into different dyes.

when the yarn is woven together it results in the varied color distribution we all know and love as ikat.

ikat weaving may have originated in india, but can be dated back to the 10th century.

these fabrics have been extremely sought after and were a status symbol,

because of the time and precision put into each piece.

here’s some frances¬† ikat love now in the store!

images and information courtsey of mata traders

mad for a mani

April 3, 2012

spring is always a good time to mix up your usual routine

and try something new!

before your next manicure, check out frances‘ new nail wraps.

we opted for a subtle, yet fun and edgy look

by putting them on just our ring fingers.

20120403-125430.jpgor rock the look with your whole hand

instagram ‚ô• : francesvintage


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