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breast cancer awareness month

October 1, 2012

to honor this month and help raise awareness,

frances will be wrapping all of our gifts with pink ribbon.

comment here to share with our readers

how to stay involved this month!

diy: pinwheels!

May 12, 2012

credits: kate spade

if you’ve seen our summer shop  you know it’s full of pinwheels!

our fun and talented sandy started crafting away

while getting the shop ready for opening.

 the pinwheels were the finishing touches to top off the summer spirit.

 follow our “how to” so you can add fun details to your home,

next dinner party, or backyard barbeque. it’s so simple!

all you need is some awesome paper, a few cute clasping pins,

a pair of scissors and straight edge.

credits: once wed

use frances summer shop’s fun paper straws as the stick

and some of our ribbon strips to add more color!

instagram ♥ : francesvintage


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